Saturday, September 8, 2012

Place Value Fun

Update: I have added Beat the Teach to my TpT store. You can purchase it here!

Our first math unit of the year is Place Value.  One of my favorite ways to practice comparing and ordering numbers is with a fun game that I call “Beat the Teach.”  Each student gets a place value tent and a deck of digit cards (they have 2 of each digit in the deck).  The goal of the game is to make a number than is greater than mine.    We shuffle our cards, place them face down in front of us, and then clap three times and say draw.  After drawing the digit card you must decide where to place it in the number.  Once a digit card is placed it is frozen and they aren’t allowed to move it.  It is a great way for them to think about and evaluate the value of digits in a number. 

After clapping and drawing 6 digits, I reveal the number I made.  The students then have to compare their number to mine and see if they “Beat the Teach.”
I love this game because so many place value skills are being reinforced.  They have to compare their number to mine, they have to read their 6 digit number, and many times I will have them order their numbers at their tables from greatest to least or least to greatest.  You could also have them round their numbers or compare numbers with their shoulder partners.  After they really get the hang of the game I will even spice it up by having them make the greatest even number or the greatest odd number.  There are so many twists you can put on it and it makes a great little math center! 


  1. What a fun game for place value! Thank you so much for linking up with me! I hope to see you again next week!

    Teaching Fourth

  2. I love that idea - going to adapt it down for my third graders this week! I am your newest follower!