Saturday, September 15, 2012

Multiple Meaning Words……FREEBIE

This week’s vocabulary skill was multiple meaning words.  I wish I could say that I am an amazing artist but we all know pictures don’t lie.  I am terrible.  My daughters had a good laugh when they walked in my room after school and saw my attempt at drawing a bat.  My oldest tried to fix it for me, but it was too far gone.  Anyways, you get the idea and my loving students complimented me on my effort!  We made this anchor chart together as we talked about what multiple meaning words are and how the meaning of the word changes depending on how you use it in a sentence.  They had the best time coming up with their own examples of multiple meaning words. 
Afterwards, the students went back to their desks and picked a word out of the basket.  They had to write 2 different meanings for the word and then use the word in a sentence for each meaning.  Then we did a “gallery walk,” around the room to see everyone’s work. They spent the rest of the week pointing out all of the multiple meaning words they saw in books or heard people use.  Just another one of the many reasons I love third graders…..they are still so excited about their learning!   The anchor chart pieces and worksheet are available in my TpT store as a free download.  If you are interested you can get them here!


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