Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday Made-It #1

This is it!  My first Monday Made It and my first attempt to link up.  I have seen this idea around Pinterest....I know all of my co-workers are thinking, of course she did!  My classroom has earned a reputation around campus, it is known as the Pinterest inspired room.  I will post pics soon.

Anyways back to my made it, I made these boards to help organize the groups I will be pulling for guided reading during our Daily 5 time.  I like for my groups to be fluid and flexible, so I think these will work great.  I used cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree ( they are magnetic) and spray painted them black.  I then picked out scrapbook papers to match my room decor and cut it to size.  I mod podged (is that a real verb?) the paper onto the cookie sheet and then cut red vinyl with the days of the week.  Now they are just waiting on my BIL to drill holes in them so that I can hang them with some pretty ribbon!  My next plan is to make each kiddo a magnet with their name on it so that I can move them around onto the days I will be meeting with them. 


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  1. I like the idea of magnets - I use magnets a lot in my classroom too.
    I Love My Classroom