Monday, September 24, 2012

“Bring it on Monday…”

So, I checked facebook this morning and saw that my friend was having a rough Monday morning.  She ended her post by saying “Bring it on Monday, you can’t scare me.”  Here is my response to that friend.  Please don’t ever again challenge Monday.  Monday will always win.  A little bit of fear is healthy.
The morning started out just fine.  Then the announcement came over the P.A. system.  All music classes cancelled for the day.  There was a shortage of subs and would be no class, so no prep.  Not that bad I know, I’ve had worse Mondays and I won’t go into personal details, but my poor friend’s Monday made mine look like a walk in the park.
So, what to do with a class of 29 third graders and no break.  Monitor and adjust as my fellow teachers know!  I moved tomorrow’s super fun science activity to this afternoon and let me tell you, for 35 minutes those third graders were working hard and having fun!  What were they so excited about?  Eating Earth’s layers!  We have just finished up learning about the layers of the Earth and they were so excited about today’s activities.  We made our Earth s’mores, compared the layers of our “s’mores,” to the layers of the Earth and then wrote the recipe with step by step instructions.  So, while they were having a blast and enjoying a yummy treat, they were actually reviewing the layers of the Earth and writing functional text!  I’d say that was a good use of our time!
The activities came from my Earth’s Layers…An Edible Activity packet available at my TpT store. In honor of Monday winning this battle, you can purchase this packet at a discounted price for a limited time! Click the link here to find the packet.
Happy Monday everyone!

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