Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Classroom Management

Today I am linking up to The First Grade Derby to discuss my favorite reward or incentive.  Last year I implemented the clip chart and I absolutely, positively L.O.V.E. it.  I love to be positive and I love to recognize students who are behaving appropriately and setting a good example.  I like that the clip chart gives the students who continually display great character something to aim for.  I have found that when I use those students as a positive example I almost immediately get the same behaviors out of all of my class. I also feel like I am not constantly pointing out the negative behaviors that occur.
As a special reward for making it all the way to pin,k students get to punch their behavior card at the end of the day.  I hang on to everyone’s card in a box on the desk.  When they fill their punch card they get to pick a prize coupon from the prize catalog.  The best part of the prize catalog is that it doesn’t cost me a thing.  There have been years when I felt like half of my paycheck went back into my classroom!  The punch cards and prize pass catalog were an amazing Pinterest find from First Grade Fever and the BEST part…..they are FREE!  Just click on the link to find them! 
I happen to think that my students are amazing and I love to celebrate how amazing they are!  Can’t wait to hear what everyone else is doing!


  1. thanks for linking up! I too enjoy the clip chart & the intrinsic motivation it invites! Great idea on the coupon catalog; I'd love to not have to stock a prize box.

    Carrie :)
    The First Grade Derby

  2. Yes! I think I need to move to the clip chart. I'm still doing the pull card system. Do you mind adding the linky graphic and link it up to our blog? Thanks!

    Thanks for linking up!
    -Rachelle {& Natalie}
    What The Teacher Wants