Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wait….What???..Summer’s Here?….and June Currently

The end of the school year seriously snuck up on me, and before I could blink….it was over.  I seriously don’t know how it happened.  Maybe it was because I was not only busy with all of my third grade end of the year stuff, but I also had my “end of an era,” stuff to deal with.  My first born promoted to high school.  And so, it is the end of an era.  No more coming to school with mommy, stopping by my room to get things signed or just to say hi, and seeing each other in the halls.  Now, she will be going to Daddy’s school and for the next 4 years he will be the one to see her around campus, get to know her friends, and have to dish out cash because she forget that something had to be turned in Smile! 
A few days before promotion, they held an awards banquet and dinner dance for the 8th graders.  I couldn’t believe how many times this girl’s name was called.  My husband and I kept looking at each other and thinking, "Whose kid is this?”  I was not the most stellar student in junior high and I certainly didn’t have the confidence that this kiddo possesses.  Not only did she finish the 8th grade….she rocked it!  Proud parent moment for sure!
Promotion Night
So, that was it.  The school year came to end with a bang!  Then summer officially started, on the calendar anyway.  I don’t think I am going to count this past week as my first week of vacation.  We were running around like crazy and I haven’t had time to catch my breath!  It was filled with the usual appointments that we needed to catch up on, but then I had to throw in some training for next year, and there was some fun stuff too!

We saw Taylor Swift in concert on Tuesday.  Man, that girl can put on a show! 

summer reading 2summer reading
Thursday I spent the day at a training for our new Gifted Cluster model.  I will be working a lot with the third grade gifted kiddos next year.  I added these two to my summer reading list.  If you’ve read them I would love to hear what you think!

The rest of the week was dance filled!  My Caity and her duo partner rocked it and came in 3rd overall for their age division! 

In other news, my Bachelorette watching bestie is out of town so we had to watch and then send each other our picks.  Here is my list:
Yes, I watch the show…it is my guilty pleasure….don’t judge Smile!

And now for my June Currently and then I promise it will be back to the usual school blogging.  It is going to be a busy summer for me.  I have to prepare for lots of changes coming my way next year!
June Currently


  1. Wow, you have been a busy lady!

    I love your list for the Bachelorette! Too funny!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  2. I found you through the linky over at Farley's! Congrats to your daughter! I'm sure that has to be an adjustment...not looking forward to that day myself:( 107!!!! I thought it was hot here!!! Stay cool!!

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  3. I don't know how exactly I landed on your page, but I'm glad I did! I am a 3rd grade teacher in IL...where it's still a cold 70 degrees! I long for 85+....
    Congrats to success with your daughter!

    1. Autumn....I went and followed your blog! I am glad we found each other in Blog Land, I feel like we have so much in common!