Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Break Freebies

It’s day 2 of our Fall Break.  According to Facebook we are the only boring family who isn’t at a cabin in the cool weather or at Disneyland!  I’m not feeling too bad about that though.  I have taken a few naps, gotten my booty back in the gym….finally, and made some things for school. It’s been quiet and relaxing!  We go back to school Thursday and have 2 hour days on Thursday and Friday.  I am guessing that a lot of families will still be in vacation mode, so I am not sure how many kiddos will actually show up for school.  I am planning on spending our short morning reviewing some things that are still troubling us…..namely rounding!
Rounding Bingo
This one I plan on using whole group, but it could easily be used as center activity with a small group.  You can grab it at my TpT store and it’s FREE!
I also plan on doing some math centers on Friday morning so I made this little activity to add to the addition ones I already have.
Rounding Practice
It’s also FREE and at my TpT store! 
The only thing I will ask in return is that if you like it and plan to try it out please consider following my blog and my TpT store.  I am just getting started and it would mean a lot!  Thanks and Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. Jennifer,

    So happy to see another 3rd grade teacher around. We have gotta stick together! :D

    Thanks for following and I am so excited to be following and snagging ideas from you, as well!


  2. Hi! I wish we (in Florida) had a fall break! LOL! Found you through the Teacher Block Party & I'm your newest follower. I'm new to blogging too. Your ideas are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!
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