Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Easy as PIE!

Before I get to the PIE, I have to share our new class t-shirts with you.  I am in L.O.V.E. with them.
class tshirt
I can’t wait to see all my littles wearing them on Friday!
Okay, so this week we are reviewing author’s purpose.  I have been waiting to make this Pinterest inspired anchor chart.  I honestly don’t know how I ever did my job without Pinterest.  So many great ideas. 
PIE anchor chart
After making the anchor chart together and reviewing it was time to get out of our seats and practice a bit.  I am a big fan of changing it up throughout the day. I try not to have them sitting in their seats for a huge length of time.  So, we did a little inside/outside circles with my Author’s Purpose Task Cards.  They did such a great job with them!
Inside Outside
Promise me that you will ignore the mess in the background.  My helper hadn’t done their job of cleaning the word work station yet!
Author's Purpose Task Cards
Today was a much better day.  Thank goodness.  Yesterday was our first day back and it was one of those days that I have every once in a while where I just wasn’t feeling on.  You know when you have those days where you just aren’t feeling the magic happening.  That was my day yesterday.  I think it was just a little back to school funk.  Thankfully I had my weekly Bachelor night with the “Bestie,” last night, got a great night’s sleep, and was on it today!
Hope you are all easing back in!  Happy Tuesday!

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