Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Meet Up {Week 4}

Can you believe it…..2 weeks in a row.  That must be some sort of record for me.  Thank goodness for these linkys holding me accountable for blogging!

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Here are 3 things you may not already know about me.

Monday Meet Me1

We have a trip to Disneyland coming up in July with our dance team.  My girls and their dance friends are so excited to go together.  The other day they were talking about their favorite rides and Tower of Terror came up.  My girls love talking about what a baby their mom is and how she cried the entire ride and kept asking if it was over.  It is true…and I am not ashamed.  Elevators in general aren’t my favorite thing and I don’t know why anyone would willingly get in one that they know is going to drop.  I did it once, to prove a point to my then 8 and 9 year olds that you should try something before you just say you don’t like it.  I’ve done it.  I don’t like it.  I will never do it again.

#2- My daughters are close in age.  No, we didn’t plan it (I know you were dying to ask because every stranger in the world felt the need to ask it while I was pregnant).  It wasn’t our plan, it was God’s plan.  I love that they are so close.  Sometimes they fight but I think that comes with being with each other 24/7.  They dance on the same team, go to the same school, and share some of the same friends.  The only thing that makes me sad is that in just 4 short years they will both be gone.  I have no cushion, I have no transition years….just BAM….gone.  That hard reality is starting to sink in as they get older.

#3….I have 2 sisters.  There were 3 girls in the house when I was growing up.  My dad traveled for business….A LOT.  He is a smart man!  We used to bicker, like all sisters do and my dad would always say, “You just wait, some day you will be so happy you have sisters, they will be your best friends.”  We used to yell back that it would never happen and we would never like each other.  Well, we grew up and now my sisters are my best friends.  We are all in education, which I think is incredible odds, and we love each other dearly. 

Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post Two for Tuesday.  Two of my most wish listed products will be on sale for 50% off!!!!

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