Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five For Friday….On a Saturday

Okay, so I wish I had a really great excuse for not having this done on Friday…..but, I don’t.  Unless you consider, “I was having a much needed girl’s night watching The Bachelor and Grey’s Anatomy at my girlfriend’s house,” a good excuse.  Which, you probably don’t.  I promise though, it was MUCH needed!  This week was CRAZY with meetings, sick children (and a husband) and one broken arm on the playground.  See….I really did need it.
So, here goes my five for Friday on Saturday night.
Third Grade hosted our first (and now annual) “Famous American Wax Museum.”  It was a huge hit.  The kiddos loved it and had so much fun, the parents were so impressed and we will for sure be doing it again next year.  In fact, we already are working on ideas to make it even better!  Here are some of my cuties…..
Meet Claire Shillace, the first woman to play Major League Baseball, Lou Gehrig, and Sacagewea.
President Abe Lincoln, First Lady Jackie Kennedy, and Daniel Boone.
We had a special visit from some cute little two week old baby bunnies. 
Baby Bunnies
I found these at Barnes and Noble and introduced them during Work on Writing.  My kiddos are loving them.
Story Cubes
This week our church hosted the annual Daddy Daughter Dance.  My amazing husband has been taking the girls to this event for the past 11 years.  It such a great time for them to each spend one-on-one time with their dad and for him to set a great example of how they should be treated on a date someday. 
Daddy Daughter Dance 2013
I finally finished reading Practice Perfect.  I have already been applying some of the principles in my classroom and have noticed some differences.  It was a great read and I recommend it to classroom teachers, principals, instructional coaches, and sports coaches.
My goal for the upcoming week… get my five for Friday done on Friday! 
Happy Weekend everyone!

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  1. I popped over from the Friday Five linky. I'm with post didn't get up until tonight either! I taught 3rd grade for several years before coming to kindergarten this year. Your post makes me your wax museum cuties! You have a beautiful blog!!

    Happy Teacher Heaven