Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Celebrating the 100th Day!

I love celebrating the 100th day of school with this fun little surprise activity!

Several days before the big day I take pictures of each of my students in the free Aging Booth app. I email each of the pictures to myself, save them, and upload them to Costco to get them printed. On the morning of the 100th day my students walk in to see the picture of themselves...with grey hair...and wrinkles!!!

We talk about what their lives may hold for them in the next 91 years before they will turn 100. We talk about what college they may attend, what career they may choose, awards they may win, will they get married? Have kids? Then they write a newspaper article to celebrate their 100th birthday!

We had such a great time laughing at the wrinkled faces and reading about the amazing things they are going to do in life! If you would like to try this with your class grab the editable newspaper template from my TpT store! (Click HERE to go grab it for FREE!) If you post pics be sure to tag me so I can check out all of your 100th day fun!

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