Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Partner Reading with True/False Sorts


One of my students’ favorite Daily 5 choices is Read With Someone.  It can be a challenge to find materials to keep them excited, engaged and on task.  My kiddos love when I put true/false sorts in the Read With Someone bucket! 

What Are True/False Sorts?

These sorts are a great way to engage students and set the stage for their reading.  Partners get a set of cards that they sort before reading using any prior knowledge they have on the subject.  The goal of this first sort is not to be correct, but to help set the stage and focus their reading.



After sorting, the partners then take turns reading the passage. 


Then the partners return to their sort and discuss each card.  They will decide if it can remain in the column they originally  put it in, or if based on their reading it needs to be moved. 


This strategy is a great way to get students discussing their reading and they have to use evidence from the text to justify their sort.

You can create True/False sorts for any books or passages that you are using in guided reading groups.  Passages from Read Works are great for creating sorts also. 

If you don’t have time to create your own you can grab my Ocean Animals Passages and Sorts.  They are high interest and between a third and fourth grade reading level. 

True-False Sort Pack (Ocean Animals) Collage

Stay tuned for other themed sorts…there are more to come!  Happy Sorting!

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