Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Peek At My Week {August 17-21}

I’m linking up my plans again this week with the amazing Mrs. Wills for A Peek at My Week!

peek at my week 2015

This week we will continue to learn how to do Morning Meeting.  Last week, we focused on learning our classroom expectations (we call them The 5 Ways to Be).  We learned one each day and made a looks like, sounds like chart for each.  We also learned how to share our News of the Day and end the meeting with a class cheer.  This week we will add another element and practice.


You can read more about why I L.O.V.E. Morning Meeting HERE or check it out in my store HERE.

Here are the rest of my plans for the week. 



Check out the products I’m using this week here:

Mentor Sentences

Table Talk

Character Traits

We Are Authors

Home Journals {FREEBIE}

Number Talks Posters HERE  Blog Post about Number Talks HERE

Hip, Hip, Array Math Centers/Activities

Division Task Cards

M.A.T.H. Center Bulletin Board {Bright Colors}
M.A.T.H. Center Bulletin Board {Primary Colors}

Make sure you check out the visual plans from the other amazing teachers linked up for A Peek at my Week!

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  1. Your lesson plans are beautiful! Wow! Thank you for linking up!

    Your morning meeting sounds heavenly! I can imagine how it brings your class together! They are lucky to have you!