Sunday, August 2, 2015

2gether We Are Better {August}

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I am so excited to be linking up with the amazing Ashley and Angie.  The topic this month is all about bulletin boards, which is perfect because I. Just. Finished. Mine!  We don’t officially report back until Tuesday, but I have to have my room done and ready before then.  I just can't sit through meetings with a mile long to-do list and the stress of finishing my room hanging over my head!

August Linky

This first bulletin board is the one I posted a sneak peek of on my Instagram.


Several people asked about it so I posted it in my store, along with a version in primary colors that I made for my teammate.  This year I am all about simplifying and organizing.  We have A LOT going on, from my girls being crazy involved in high school and studio dance to our house remodel (that’s a whole other post!) so, I am working really hard to not bring work home with me every night and to not be asleep on the couch by 7 on a Friday night.  Which can’t happen since my girls will be dancing under the Friday Night Lights every Friday this fall!  SO….that is how this board came about.  I wanted a structure for math centers (sort of like Daily 5 is the structure for reading small groups).  I wanted something that would be consistent so that I am not constantly having to switch out activities and teach new center activities to the students.


You can click on the picture above to check out the math boards in my store!

This next board is the newest addition to my room and I am so excited about it!  Our school wide theme this year is based on Growth Mindset, which I am super passionate about!  I wanted something to remind students how to turn their negative, fixed mindset self talk into something positive and growth oriented.


These posters are available in my store, you can find them by clicking HERE.  The poster set comes with 4 sets of posters, only 3 are pictured here.  I couldn’t fit all 4 because my “Mindset,” banner hangs so low, but I also couldn’t raise the banner because it matches the ones on all of my other boards and they need to match.  You understand that right?!?  So, I plan on rotating the pictures because anytime you change it up a little they notice, which means they are looking at the board, which means the messages are seeping in!  Right?!?

Okay, about my cute banners.  I know what you want to ask me, are they from Amy Groesbeck?  The answer is….kind of!  I did buy her adorable editable pack and I LOVE them.  Then I went to Staples to have all the color prints done for ALL of my bulletin boards.  Then I calculated how much more it would be to print all of the letter for my banners.  Then I remembered that I own a Silhouette machine and that I could cut the banners from cardstock.  So, yes, they are absolutely inspired by her adorable letters that I did buy.  Hers are cuter though because they have the colored dots, mine are just plain black and white.





This last “board,” isn’t even really a board, but it is next to my desk.  I shamelessly show off adorable pictures of my family!  And, my newest addition, my framed Pride of Peoria award, because well, a girl only gets to be Pride of Peoria once and I’d like to be able to look at it on those hard days (because we all have them) and remember how it felt!


Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at my bulletin boards!  Head on over to Angie and Ashley’s blogs to link up yours! I can’t wait to see them!


  1. LOVE!!! I really love the Mindset board! That would work well on the board I have not a clue what I will do on it! I always love seeing your ideas!


  2. Please tell me what did you use to hang so much on your concrete walls? We can't get much to stick to them. Thanks. Everything is so beautiful.

    1. I use hot glue to glue things onto the brick. It has always come off pretty easily when I need it to and if what you are glueing up is laminated it is even easier to get it off the brick!

    2. The heavier things like my picture frames I hang using the 3m strips for mounting pictures on walls.

  3. Your bulletin boards are gorgeous! I would love to go and take a peek at your room in person!!

  4. Your boards look great!!! I think your banners turned out fab!

  5. I pinned so much off of this post! thank you so much for sharing these amazing ideas. I love how clean cut the black/chalkboard banners look! I'm trying to streamline everything in my class this year and declutter, so this post gave me a lot of great ideas!

    The Whimsical Teacher

  6. Your boards look great! Love the Math one and LOVE LOVE LOVE the mindset one. I have gotten so many great ideas from this post!! Thank you

    The Cutesy Teacher