Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Mindsets in the Classroom {Chapter 9}

Chapter 9

Now that we have learned all about the importance of growth mindset in the classroom and how to teach students, parents and staff about growth mindset, the author shifts her focus to maintaining a growth mindset school culture.

I am blessed to work in a school and with an administration that is as passionate about growth mindset as I am.  My principal and assistant principal embraced the idea and have decided to make it our school theme/focus beginning next year.  How are we incorporating this into our school wide theme?

  • My assistant principal is having posters made for all of our hallways that have growth mindset language on them.  If you google growth mindset quotes or posters there are a ton of examples!
  • We came up with a theme for the year that incorporates a growth mindset message (I can’t share it just yet….sorry).
  • our PLC teams will be focusing on growth mindset
  • My principal invited my husband and I on the leadership retreat in July.  The focus of the retreat will be on growth mindset and how to train our staff and change our school culture.  My husband will be going to speak to the leadership team! {He is an amazing public speaker!}
  • We have already started with some professional development on growth mindset.  There are some amazing videos out there that you can use.  My assistant principal showed us one on “The Power of Yet.”
  • Staff shirts- I haven’t seen the design yet, but the plan was to incorporate our growth mindset theme into our shirts for the year!
  • Each year, my third grade team incorporates our school theme into A.R., our student data folders, our hallway bulletin board, take home folders, etc…  I’ve already started working on what some of those things will look like next year.  Here are our A.R. bookmarks for next year.


They aren’t ready to post yet, but when they are all finished I will let you know if you are interested!

I also plan on remaking our weekly newsletters to include some message to our parents about growth mindset each week. 

I can’t wait to head over to Hello Sunshine and read what some of you plan on doing to maintain a growth mindset!


  1. This is amazing Jennifer! You have a well thought out plan already!

  2. Hello! I would love to use these in our building if you are willing to share, please email stephanie.zillig@mcsdonline.org

    Thank you!