Saturday, March 28, 2015

Five For (the day after) Friday!


This has been a CRAZY, AMAZING week!  I can’t remember another week that has been this jam packed with awesomeness and left me this exhausted!  But it was totally worth it!

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My new blog design!


I spent Sunday emailing back and forth with the lovely Lindsey at Miss Johnston’s Journey.  She was amazing to work with.  We literally emailed back and forth all day and she kept making changes until it looked exactly like I wanted it to.  I can’t tell you enough how great she was to work with.  My blog is now up and running, I couldn’t believe how quickly she got that done, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I am in love!

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Pride of Peoria


On Monday morning I was surprised with our district’s Pride of Peoria award.  It was a pretty exciting way to start back from break and such a huge honor!

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My baby turned 16!


On Tuesday, my baby girl turned 16 and got her license!  I can’t believe this is actually happening.  It is so crazy to see them get in the car/truck together and go to dance without me!

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My BFF visits my class!


On Thursday, the amazing Mrs. Nelson visited my class.  They were so excited to show her how we do Number Talks, since she was the one who taught me all about them!  They had a blast and it is always amazing to watch a master teacher at work!

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Friday was an awesome day that just wrapped up all of the awesomeness this week entailed!


My morning started with this little ray of sunshine from my teammate!


Later that morning we rocked our Socratic Seminar!  I was so impressed with their insight, the evidence they found to support their opinions, and how they were able to respectfully disagree with each other and discuss it! 


The week ended with our annual school carnival.  Some of my boys were so excited to put me in jail.  Little did they know that I was thankful for the break from running our booth! 
It was an amazing week and one that I won’t soon forget! 

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  1. I love your new blog design. It looks great. Congrats on the award.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles