Monday, September 1, 2014

It’s Currently…..September 1st!

I can’t believe that September is already here.  This is the month that my baby starts to drive.  Yikes!  Permit test in 23 days.  Thank goodness for my amazing Driver’s Ed. teacher husband!  He is professionally trained to handle that parenting duty! 

Anyways, September also means it’s time for another Currently from the one and only Farley!  This is by far my favorite linky of the month!  I love reading everyone’s currently!
So without further ado….here is mine!


Listening:  This one speaks for itself.  Between all of our work/school clothes, workout clothes, and the girls’ dance clothes, I am up to my eyeballs in laundry every weekend.  It’s usually a race to get it done before Sunday night.  I’m thankful for the extra day so I could take my time on it!

Loving:  My crock pot and I are BFFs.  With our crazy schedule with school, dance and my husband’s basketball, it is so nice to come from a long day at school to a dinner that is already made.  It allows us to still squeeze our family mealtime into our crazy schedule!

Thinking:  Our schedules are about to really blow up.  The girls have an audition next weekend for dance, we have 2 weddings coming up, an out of town trip for dance and then basketball season will be upon us.  I can’t think about it for too long without getting overwhelmed.  I have learned to take it as it comes and to give myself a break if I can’t do it all!

Wanting:  Most of the time I love living in the desert.  However, my poor Nike running app is feeling neglected.  I am NOT a morning runner.  I have really tried to be.  It just doesn’t work for me.  The evenings are still too hot to run outside.  So, I have been stuck in the gym for months now.  I miss running outside and I really want it to hurry up and cool off already!

Needing:  I need to get to work on tomorrow’s presentation.  Our school board approved full day professional development days for us this year.  So, tomorrow the kiddos get an extra day off of school but we report for training.  My team was asked by administration to present tomorrow.  I will be presenting on Number Talks.  I am so excited and I hope that I can spread that excitement to the other grades in my building.  I made this pack of prompt posters to share with my colleagues and I am sharing them with you too.
Number Talks Prompt Posters
If you are interested in them you can grab them FREE in my store. 
3 Trips:   1.  Technically, I have travelled all over the east coast.  I was born and raised in Connecticut and have spent time in all of the New England states.  However, I have never taken my children and that trip is #1 on my list.  There is so much history to see and I can't wait to show them where I grew up!  Every time I think about the trip, I think we will need to block a month out of our calendar to see everything I want them to see!  #2 England.  My MIL went several years ago and it is top on my list of European destinations.  Again, there is so much history and I was obsessed with the queen when I was a little girl.  I really want to see her castle in person!  #3  NCAA basketball tour.  This trip is on my bucket list.  My husband and I have a list of college teams that we want to see play in their home arenas.  Some day we will travel the country and cross them off our list. 
I’m off to go follow Farley’s rule of 3 and then get to work on my presentation! 
Happy Labor Day everyone!



  1. First, good luck on your presentation! You sound like you are a very busy, but blessed, lady! I understand your love and passion for the crock pot! My was in use yesterday! Seriously?!?! What would we ever do without it? Have any absolute favorite recipes? Nice to stop by!

  2. Well, my friend, you were three after me, but how could I not read your post anyway! (P.S. Thanks for your comment!!) Whew! So much going on so quickly. Isn't life just that way! Even so, I am so thankful you take it all in, not to mention have a crockpot BFF! Feel free to share recipes! --I also hope all goes well with your girls' auditions. They are amazing! --I am wanting to start number talks with my students by October. I just need to do a bit more reading and research. Wish I could be at your presentation! I am certainly thankful for your posters though. Printing those gems tonight! As for your trips, New England has such a pull for me. I'd love to be lost in the history. I do hope one day you can go to "old" England. It's mesmerizing! Take care!

    2nd Cup of Campers

  3. I'm with ya on the cooler weather! As soon as it happens, it will be winter and then I'll complain about snow, hah! I wish my laundry was caught up...feel free to come do mine! :)

    Thriving in 3rd
    L. Paull Designs for All

  4. I love my crock pot too! What is your favorite recipe?

    PAWSitively Teaching

  5. We should share some crock pot recipes!! We try to do a crock pot recipe at least once a week to save us!! Right now my kiddos are content with not eating a whole lot, so we always have TONS of left overs!! I hope that your girls do well at their try outs next weekend!! Good luck getting ready to have one driving too! I can't imagine!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade