Sunday, August 24, 2014

Visual Plans For The Week {Freebies and Sales!}

I’m back!  I’m finally digging out from underneath the Back To School paperwork and craziness!  I’m linking up my visual plans for the week and they are full of freebies and sales!  To make the links clickable you need to download the plans!

A Peek at my Week[4]

peek at my week 2014


I am so excited to start the year off with Jivey’s Mentor Sentences.  I didn’t find them until a few months into the school year last year.  My kiddos are already loving learning about grammar this way (it is so much more authentic than worksheets) and they love having their invitation sentences displayed around the room.  Click HERE to read more about this amazing idea!

I am also excited that my Read With a Pencil pack is finally finished and ready to go.  I spent all of last school year making these as I planned each week.  It is such a great feeling to have them all finished this year.  All I have to do is print and copy.  I especially love that the rubric is right on the writing paper.  The students can easily see how they are going to be assessed and the parents can refer to it when the writing goes home each week.  This week we will be reading The Strongest One and working on determining the lesson and showing our evidence! My Read With a Pencil Pack will be on sale this week! Click HERE or on the picture in my plans to check it out!  It’s a great close reading companion and it will give your kiddos great practice at answering those short answer questions!


This class came to us so prepared to learn multiplication and I am having a blast teaching it to them.  I am still loving our interactive notebooks and math journals and the kids can’t wait to start math centers this week!  I felt like my kiddos needing more practice with arrays so I made a set of 3 centers called, “Hip, Hip, Hooray!”  They are on sale this week!  Click on the picture in my plans or HERE to go grab them!

I was also excited to start Number Talks right off the bat this year!  My kids are LOVING them.  They ask every day on the way back from lunch if we are doing one, even though they know it’s routine!  I have also been asked by my administration to talk about Number Talks at our upcoming professional development.  I am so excited (and nervous) to share this concept with my colleagues!

I hope you all have an amazing week!  I can’t wait to go check out everyone else’s plans for the week!

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  1. I love number talks too! Last year, I didn't teach math so I am looking forward to being able to include them again this year. I love your visual plans. Thanks, also, for the freebies! Have a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings