Sunday, November 3, 2013

Visual Plans 11-4 {FREEBIES Included!}

It’s Sunday so that means I am linking up to share my plans for the week.
Peek at my Week Linky ButtonA Peek at my Week[4]
I also have a confession.  I am an over planner.  Every week I plan way more than it would ever be possible to get to.  So, when you peek at my plans if you see things that are still on there from last week, that’s why.  Well, that and we had reading benchmark testing last week and math benchmark testing this week.  I never know how long it is going to take my kiddos to complete these so I plan just in case!
This week in ELA we are combining our ELA with our science.  I LOVE when it works out that we can “double dip,” and get science done during our ELA time!  We will be reading some passages about plant life cycles that our science curriculum department wrote for us.  My team made a foldable that we will complete and then students will choose 2 plant life cycles to compare/contrast.  I will post pics of the foldable (and the parts to make it) later this week!  I want to make sure it works as planned first!
To prepare for writing the compare/contrast paragraph about plants, we will use one of the activities from my Compare and Contrast pack on TpT.  This pack has reading passages as well as writing activities to practice the skill.
Also included in my visual plans is our “Be a Ten Sentence Challenge.”  I have used this activity every Thursday in my classroom for over 7 years.  I love that they are working on so many skills all at once!  Download the visual plans and then you can click on the link to grab it for FREE!!!  It is an editable version too so that you can change the sentence rules weekly to fit the skills you are working on!
Math will be light this week as we review and prepare for our benchmark testing.  My kiddos will be so excited to see that they Duck Dynasty Math Centers will finally be in our math workstations!  They have been waiting patiently (if patient is asking me every day when they will be in there Winking smile) for weeks to do these! 
Here’s hoping that testing this week goes as smoothly as it did last! 
 Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. I love your visual plans Jennifer! Quick and easy to read-I like it! Over planning is better than under planning! I tried to grab your sentence freebie, but it's connected to a link. Can you help?
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for letting me know. I think it should be fixed now. Just click on the pic of my plans and it will take you to google docs. After you download the plans the links are clickable. Or, you can just go straight to my TpT store and download it there! Thanks again for telling me it wasn't working!