Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visual Plans 11-18 {Sale Items Included!}

 Linking up this morning with my plans for the week!  Don’t forget, to make the links clickable you must download the plans from GoogleDocs. Click the pics to go there!
So excited to continue our Roald Dahl study this week!  The kiddos are loving James and the Giant Peach.  We did a little visualizing activity last week using Dahl’s amazing descriptions of Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker!
photo 2
My original goal was to have my James and the Giant Peach Giant Pack finished and uploaded by the end of last week.  I am sad to say that did not happen.  It is still a work in progress.  I am finishing up vocabulary power points and trying to make them editable! Hopefully by the end of our Thanksgiving break….that is my new goal!
This week’s Mentor Sentence comes from the book Verdi and the skill is comparative and superlative adjectives.  I made a foldable, some task cards and a couple fun activities to go with it!  You can grab them in my TpT store and they will be 15% off today and tomorrow!
We had so much fun during small group time last week with our nonsense words and context clues.  In fact, every group wanted to make up their own for more practice.  I was so impressed with the words and clues they came up with.  They kept asking if we could do it again and it just so happens that I have “A Cornucopia of Context Clues,” in my Let’s Talk Turkey,” centers.  I will be pulling that to do at the back table this week!  They will also be 15% off today and tomorrow!
My math plans are a little light this week.  I am a notorious overplanner and we have a TON going on.  Our iPad lab opens back up this week and we will start going in to work on Study Island.  I know that will take some extra time to teach and practice!  We also have our annual Turkey Trot on Wednesday and I owe my class a kickball party since EVERY LAST. ONE. of them raised their benchmark test score! 
We will be doing some more work with subtraction with regrouping because I honestly feel like that is a skill they can NEVER have too  much practice with!  I made a version of subtraction scoot that is very similar to my free addition one.  The subtraction one is available in my TpT store and includes and EDITABLE version.  You can change the number of digits, make it without regrouping, or just make extra practice cards!  We will be using it whole group on Monday and then I will edit the numbers and put it in math workstations!  Subtraction Scoot will also be 15% off today and tomorrow!  Grab it while it’s on sale!
I didn’t put it in my visual plans, but I will have a sub on Friday.  My sister and I will be flying to Tennessee to visit my sister, my mom, and my 92 year old Memere (Grandma).  I am excited to be able to see her and have an early turkey dinner with her.  I am so thankful for Teachers Pay Teachers and every teacher who has ever downloaded and used one of my products.  Without you all, this trip would not be possible and it means so much to my family that we can all be together one last time.
Have a blessed week!

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  1. I just love Roald Dahl, and James and the Giant Peach may just be my most favorite. I have read it every year that I have taught!