Sunday, October 27, 2013

Visual Plans With More FREEBIES and a GIVEAWAY!

Peek at my Week Linky ButtonA Peek at my Week
Today I am linking up with 2 different Peek at my Week parties!  I love seeing what everyone is up to and getting great new ideas and even scoring some amazing freebies!  I have a couple of freebies in my plans for the week.  Be sure to download the pdf by clicking on the pictures of my plans.  Once you download the pdf file all of the pictures and links are clickable and will take you straight to the products!
I am a notorious over planner.  This week we have Internet Safety Week, Halloween, and we begin AZAC testing.  So, it’s safe to say that you may see some of these same activities and lessons on next weeks plans!!!
I am all about routines in my room.  I always joke that my kids probably wouldn’t even notice if I didn’t show up on Friday and they could probably run the day themselves!  I thrive on routine, it makes planning easier and I know my kiddos do too.  It’s nice to know what’s coming and what is expected of you.  That’s not to say that I can’t go with the flow and that things always go exactly as planned…we all know that rarely happens!  Even with my routines in place I am pretty flexible.  If something comes up or we need to get something done, I can monitor and adjust with the best of ‘em!
We use the Treasures reading series and this week we will be reading The Planets in our Solar System.  I have typed up a reading/writing culminating task, click the pic after downloading the pdf file to grab it for free!
I’m thinking about doing some future blog posts on some of the other weekly routines in our room.  Let me know if there are any specific ones you would like to see.
After doing ORAs on all of my kiddos, I noticed that several of them are struggling with making inferences.  I pulled out my Inference Task Cards and my “Roll, Read, Keep,” game board and will be using those at small group with those kiddos next week!
Math centers aren’t changing a whole lot next week.  We had ipad lab on day 4 last week and library at the end of the day Friday, so we didn’t make it through all of our workstations.  I will be adding a few activities from Aynsley Patton’s adorable Monster Math Centers.  You can click the link in my plans or HERE to check them out!
I also made a math scoot to review elapsed time on Thursday.  We did my addition scoot last week and it was the quietest my room has been during math in a long time!  If you missed the free addition scoot you can grab it HERE.
*If you download my free scoot activities, please consider leaving feedback and following my store.  As a follower, you will be notified when I upload new products and you won’t miss out on future freebies! 
Just to sweeten the deal, I will giveaway my Inference Task Cards to one lucky person who leaves feedback on either scoot activity and follows my store!  Winner will be chosen at random by the end of the day tomorrow!  I will contact you through TpT!
Have a happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Thanks for posting your plans! I love seeing what others are teaching and gathering ideas. I was wondering if your students completed morning work and how you implement your basal series with common core? Thanks! Have a great week!

    1. My students don't have morning work. They come in and go through our morning unpacking routine and read their A.R. book. The announcements come on about 5 minutes after we get in the building and as soon as announcements are over we have our Morning Meeting and get right to our ELA block. My school is really trying to conserve paper so I had to adjust our morning routine.
      As far as incorporating our basal, this year has been a lot of trial and error. We are implementing the CCSS or College and Career Readiness Standards as they are known here, for the first time this year. I am having to jump all over our reading books to pick out stories that match our frameworks. Sometimes we fill in with passages from and other sources. I have found that I can't follow the basal with grammar and writing because we are jumping around so much and it wouldn't be in an order that made sense. There are times that I feel like a first year teacher again with all of the planning and prep work that this requires! That is why I love routines so much. If I can try and stick to our weekly routine and make everything fit it helps with planning. I'm not sure if this answer helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. I love the way you organize your plans! It makes them so easy to follow. I need to be more organized in that department. :)

    Thanks for linking up & have a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings