Monday, September 2, 2013

Keeping it Real and September Currently

Hi.  It’s been a while.  I know.  Sorry.

I titled this post Keeping it Real so here goes, confession time.  I am not Super Woman.  I try to be.  I want to be.  I want to be the woman who has it all together all the time.  The one whose family is always eating healthy meals and wearing beautiful, wrinkle free clothes.  The one whose house is clean and beautifully decorated and makes cute little crafts for her co workers.  I try.  And  I have learned not to beat myself up about it though.  I have learned that when life gets busy and overwhelming, I need to prioritize. So, my co-workers haven’t gotten any cute encouraging treats lately, my floors just got mopped for the first time in 2 weeks, and my husband’s work pants may or may not get ironed this weekend.  But, we did spend a ton of time with our family this weekend.  We hung out with cousins, grandparents, and friends.  I watched my husband baptize our nephew, I spent quality time with my husband and our girls and I got a menu planned for dinners for the week.  I have learned to not focus on the things that I haven’t gotten done and to do the best I can on the things I can get done. 

Blogging and TpT has taken a back seat as we have ventured into this new year and a new world with my oldest in high school now.  I am finally starting to feel like we are settling in.  Maybe….a little.  My goal is to get back on track this month.  Here is my September Currently…complete with 3 goals for the month!  

Currently Sept 

This month I will not get discouraged. I will get up each morning and try again!

Happy Labor Day everyone!



  1. Such a great reminder to make family a priority, and to not stress over what we didn't get done but to count all of our blessings. Have a great Labor Day!

  2. I'm also trying to find the right balance between school and home. I hope you are able to meet your goals this month :) Best of luck to your girls for their audition!
    Stories by Storie

  3. I hope it cools down for you! It is finally starting to cool off here. We were at 90's last week as well- which was quite unbearable at school! I love your blog name and basis as I think it is so important to remind ourselves each and every day of how blessed we are (and often as teachers we need that as we can get so busy with our jobs!). Looking forward to sharing ideas!

    The Second Grade Superkids

  4. I just found your blog from Currently and it is wonderful. There just plain isn't enough time for everything and that gets unnerving- but you are doing the important things- don't ever forget that! Have fun with the dancing and I am glad you had a fun family weekend!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together

  5. Life is certainly hectic - and no one can do it all! I found myself nodding throughout your post :)
    I am so glad you had some quality family time this weekend - always much-needed! How special to have your husband baptize your nephew - that will always be a precious memory.
    Found you through the Currently linky - and am so glad that I did! :)
    Joy in the Journey