Monday, December 3, 2012

My Life Is Like a 3 Ring Circus…..

This is exactly how I feel right now.  I am trying ( and I feel like failing) to be super teacher, mom, and basketball coach’s wife right now.  Not to mention, shop, decorate and prepare for Christmas.  My life is C.R.A.Z.Y.  In all caps.  That feeling kind of inspired my latest product for my TpT store. 
This week’s skill in reading and writing is compare and contrast.  So, here it is…..comparing and contrasting, 3 ring circus style.
We started off our writing time today by getting a partner, randomly (yet in some cases strategically) picked by yours truly.  I wanted them to get to know someone they might not ordinarily talk to.  It turned out to be a GREAT thing.  I found this gem in my turn in basket.
Notice how in the middle of the Venn diagram it says, “I don’t like thise.”  There is, of course, a story that goes with it.  Two actually!  First story.  I happen to work with this kiddos mom.  She called me after school to tell me that her son told her about this writing project they worked on in class.  He said, “Mom, I wrote ‘I don’t like this’ on the front of the paper.  But then, I kind of starting liking it and I forgot to erase it before I turned it in!”  Gotta love their honest feedback of my hard work!
Story 2:  This same kiddo was working with his partner and they could not come up with anything that they had in common.
I tried to give them some help.  “You both have a parent that works at our school,” I said, “You could use that.” 
The young man then looked long and hard at his partner and said, “You have a parent that works here, I never knew that.” 
“Yes, her dad works at the school, think about who her dad might be.”
Blank Stare
“He teaches your P.E. class.”
“Oh, that’s why you have the same last name.  Hey, I bet you love PE too.  That is something else we have in common!”
This is why I love my job.  They keep me laughing all day long!
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Happy Monday!

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