Monday, October 10, 2016

My Plans in Pictures {October 10-14}

We have another short week this week with Monday off and then Parent Teacher Conferences this week!  It will still be jam packed with learning and fun!

We will not have a normal spelling list this week because of the shortened week.  We will continue to practice our phonograms and we will work on our high frequency words.  

Right before spelling time each day we will do our usual Morning Meeting.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day!  We have it down to being entirely student led now and they can get it done in 10 minutes!  It is such a great use of 10 minutes and makes such a difference in our classroom community!

Check out Morning Meeting HERE and you can read all about why I love it so much HERE!

This week we will work on those tricky grammar rule breakers....Irregular Verbs.  I can't wait to "deputize" my students so they can catch those rule breakers! 
I usually follow the same pattern every week when I introduce a new grammar skill.  We put a flip book in our interactive notebook, I use a Power Point to teach and do some whiteboard practice, we use task cards to do a write the room, we do some sort of partner practice and do Plickers {their favorite}! 
My recently updated Irregular Verbs pack includes everything you need to teach and practice this tricky skill!  {Plicker practice not included....Plickers is a free website teachers can use!}

Check out the Irregular Verbs pack HERE

We will continue working on using context clues and finding the main idea this week.  These are both skills that we have learned before but since it's a short week I will be using it to review these important concepts!

We will continue working on stretching our sentences to add where, when, why or how details.

Friday we will write our weekly Home Journal letters.  Grab my Home Journal FREEBIE here!

I am absolutely loving our weekly problem solving journals and I have noticed a HUGE difference in their problem solving abilities.  You can read about how I use the journals on my blog {HERE} and you can check out the growing bundle HERE!  Grab it now for a great price...when the bundle is complete it will be over $50!  I add a journal or two a week to the bundle!

We will work on our addition skills by doing a scoot activity using this FREEBIE!

We will review using some fun Halloween themed math centers. Check them out HERE.

We will also continue to review and practice our multiplication facts.  You can read about the different strategies that I use HERE and check out the wristbands my class is obsessed with HERE!

Friday in our room will be a STEM Friday!  My class is in LOVE with the amazing STEM challenges from Brooke at Teach Outside the Box.
Check out her amazing STEM bundle HERE!

Social Studies:
We have been working on map skills in our geography unit.  Traditionally, here in Arizona many of our families will take this first long weekend in October to travel to Disneyland in CA.  A few years ago, one of my students brought back a class set of Disneyland maps.  So, I created this little partner activity for my students to use with the maps and it was a huge hit!  You can download the FREEBIE here!

We will also begin talking about our culminating project....Create a Country!  I am so excited to get this going with my class! You can read about this hands on project HERE!

As you can see, it's going to be another jam packed and fun filled week in third grade!

You can grab the products featured in my plans in pictures for 20% off for the next 2 days!

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