Sunday, September 27, 2015

Visual Plans {9/28-10/2}

I’m excited to be back and linking up my plans with the fabulous DeeDee Wills.  It’s been crazy busy at school and at home (we have been busy with some remodeling- I will post some pics at the end of this post!) so it’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten my visual plans done and linked up!

peek at my week final 2014





Grammar:  We are finishing up Abstract Nouns this week!  Last week, we did our Abstract (noun) Art and they absolutely loved it.  I think that it really help them see that while they can’t touch, see, hear or smell abstract nouns we have symbols and images that represent some of them that we can see.  It really helped them understand the difference between concrete and abstract.

Abstract Art

Click on the picture above to check it out in my store and grab it while it’s on sale!

Reading: We will be finishing up with main idea this week and beginning our framework 2 assessment at the end of the week.  My kiddos have been doing an amazing job with main idea and I attribute it to two things. 

First, we began our main idea unit by using Main Idea Bags.  They were a huge hit and an engaging and concrete way to introduce this difficult skill!  Make sure you grab my Main Idea Bags for FREE by clicking HERE!

Secondly, we teach finding the main idea by using a triangle shape.


Main Idea Triangle

I love the triangle for a few reasons….

1.  It helps them see how the supporting details (the biggest part of the triangle and the biggest part of the paragraph) hold up the main idea.

2.  The topic is the smallest part of the triangle because you should only need 1-3 words to state the topic.

3.  They can draw a triangle anywhere to use it to help find the main idea!


We will continue to work on writing informative paragraphs using Color Coded Paragraphs.  Part of our framework assessment this week is a writing portion and they will have to write an informative paragraph.  They should have a great understanding of all of the parts of a paragraph and have had lots of practice with them thanks to this pack!


Lessons:  This week we will be working on rounding and we will be doing a lot of work with one of my favorite purchases EVER.  Blair Turner’s amazing Interactive Notebook!  I can’t say enough about how amazing it is!

M.A.T.H. Centers:  I am in love with how math centers are going this year.  I was looking for something a little easier to manage and ended up making my own rotation board and it has been working great!

We will be using Addition Scoot (this is a FREEBIE!) and some other activities from my friend Mrs. 3rd Grade’s Math Centers!


My kiddos love anything hands on and involving food so I am super excited to do our Layers Of The Earth s’mores this week.  Year after year it is a huge hit!

This should be a fun week in third grade!  I’ve put all of my products that I’m using this week on sale for today and tomorrow!  Head on over and check them out. 

Now, here are some of the remodel pictures I promised.  The backyard is finished, we are just waiting on the furniture and security doors to be delivered.  The house was painted and my master shower will get started in about two more weeks! 






We can’t wait for everything to be finished so the girls can bring friends back to the house after football games, my husband can have his basketball team over, and we can entertain friends! 

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  1. I LOVE your backyard! I live in Arizona too and it can be so hard to keep a backyard looking nice in the heat. Man, now I want to redo our yard ha.