Saturday, January 31, 2015

We Like to Move It, Move It….

We move a lot in our room.  I have a class of 31 kiddos this year and 20 of them are boys.  We are an active bunch.  Any time we can be up out of our seats and moving around while we learn we do it!  This year activities like Scoot, Write the Room, Quiz-Quiz-Trade, Inside-Outside Circles and others have been my best friends. 

This week we reviewed simple, complex and compound sentences with some task cards I made and Inside-Outside Circles.  My class loves learning and reviewing this way.  It feels like a game and they would much rather do things the “fun way,” instead of the “worksheet way!”

task card pic

Cooperative learning strategies like Inside-Outside Circles gives me an opportunity to walk around the circle, give extra support and instruction to the kiddos who are still struggling and hear what they are thinking.  Not only did they have to read the sentence out loud to their partner (fluency practice) and tell them which type of sentence is was, but they also had to use one of our favorite words….because.  They had to explain to their partner why it was simple, complex or compound.  Again, this was a great opportunity to listen to their explanations and see what we may need extra work on, what they had a firm grasp of and fix any misconceptions they still had. 

I uploaded the task cards I used and they are available as a free download, I hope that you find them useful and find a fun way to use them.  I included several different ideas.  If you come up with one that isn’t on the list I would love to hear how you used it!  Email me or upload the pic to Insta and tag me….The Blessed Teacher!  Click on the pic below to grab them!



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