Friday, April 25, 2014

Five For Friday


Friday is here….finally.  Only 4 Fridays left!  I can’t hardly believe it.  I’m not the type of teacher who counts down…in fact, every year the end of the year kind of sneaks up on me.  I love my class, I fall in love with them every year, and the last day is full of big fat tears for me.  Anyways, on this fourth to the last Friday I am linking up for five for Friday with the amazing Doodle Bugs Teaching.

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This one is not school related so you will have to indulge me for the moment.  This weekend we celebrate this man’s 41st birthday.

Mark in SA 

He is my best friend and the one I would choose over and over again.  He makes me laugh and takes unbelievable care of his family!  We love him so very much!

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Technically, this picture is from last week.  We finished our state testing.  However, this week we get to celebrate being done with ALL of our testing.  Someone in our district office decided it would be a great idea to have our kiddos take their reading and math benchmarks right after we got finished with our state testing.  Well, at least we are now officially done for the year!  Hooray!

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We officially started “Book Clubs,” this week and so far they are a huge hit!  I did a book talk on each of the books and then had them rank their choices from 1-10.  The clubs going on right now are
The Chocolate Touch
The Homework Machine
The Indian in the Cupboard
Third Grade Angels
Ella Enchanted

I found some awesome FREE resources on TpT to help me organize and run the book clubs.


Click on the pictures to go check out the products!

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I tried another new idea this week that I saw over on Farley’s blog.  The idea is called Head of the Class.  Click here to go read her blog post about this amazing idea!  We did our index cards with names at the end of the week so that I would have time to partner them all up.  This week we worked with our partners during Daily 5 time and on our fun grammar projects.  For the last few weeks of school we are reviewing some of the important 3rd grade language standards.  My students are teaching the class through some creative projects and lessons they created.  It has been a huge hit and Head of the Class was a great way to set them up with partners!

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Lastly, I am absolutely swooning over this new bracelet!  It seriously is so cute and I love that I can change the tassels to match my outfits!

It’s from Paige at Style This Life.  You can click the picture or click HERE to check it out in her Etsy shop!

Well, that’s all for another Friday….only 4 more to go!  I can’t believe it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I feel ya on the testing...I teach 1st and although we don't have state testing, we do have county tests and school created tests. Someone at our school decided to give us the school created tests (HARD!) a week after the county tests. Poor kiddos. I hate testing 6-7 year olds so often!

    Creativity to the Core