Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Blues

They just hit….how about you?  It’s Sunday evening and I am still tired!  Last week was a CRAZY busy week and this week is shaping up to be too!  I did manage to find time to FINALLY upload some new products I’ve been working on! 
My new Valentine themed math centers are finally ready and they will be on sale 50% off until the big day!  Click on the pic below to go grab them from my store!


There are centers for reviewing multiplication facts, working with fractions, and story problems.  All things we need extra practice with right now!
I also FINALLY finished my giant James and the Giant Peach novel study!  We actually finished the book as a class before winter break but there were a few activities and things that I needed to tweak before I uploaded them.  Nothin’ like using my kiddos as guinea pigs right!  They absolutely LOVED the book and couldn’t wait to dive into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  We finished that one about 2 weeks ago and celebrated with a “Wonka,” Party!  It was a huge hit!

Anyways, this pack is giant and it includes loads of activities and power point presentations for teaching vocabulary!  You can click on the pics below to check it out!




It will be on sale in my little store through Thursday!  You can grab it for 20% off! 
I’m off to finish up around the house and get ready for my busy week of Parent-Teacher conferences and my first trip with my husband minus children EVER! 
Happy Sunday evening everyone!

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