Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday…A Proud Teaching Moment and a Freebie!

I am still fairly new to the blogging world so I can’t throw it back very far.  This post was from back in March during our favorite time of year…..March Madness!  Oh how I miss you college basketball!  It was one of those great moments in teaching when they “get it!”
*******Originally posted on 3-26-13******
I had one of those moments today,  you know the one I am talking about.  The one that makes your eyes fill up and you can’t even find the words to tell them how proud you are.  I had one. 
We have been working hard on using evidence from the text to support our answers.  (Yes, I am gearing up for full-fledged Common Core next year.)  We have also been working on close reading and reading text for different purposes.  Today we did our 2nd read of Wilbur’s Boast from our reading series.   The students were given a question that they had to answer and they had to show evidence from the text to support their answer.  I was super nervous.  I thought for sure that it would be one of those times I would have to really spoon feed them and we all would end up frustrated.
We did a quick review of showing evidence by making this anchor chart.
Evidence anchor chart
As we reread the text, the students used sticky notes to “stop and jot,” spots where they found evidence to support their answers.  Afterwards, we talked about how to take their “stop and jot,” notes and use the sentence starters to write an answer to the question.
It was when they started finishing up their responses and bringing them to show me that my moment occurred.  I couldn’t believe the responses I was reading.  They were so well thought out.  They had actual evidence, that actually supported their answer! 
I made this rubric to use to grade their responses.  You are welcome to download it for free!  Just click the picture and it will take you to it!
This week we also have been working on the prefixes re-, un-, dis-, and pre-.  We made this anchor chart.
Prefixes anchor chart
Then we did a little cooperative learning activity using the prefix cards in my spring centers pack.
You can check out my “Bring on Spring,” centers by clicking the picture below.
I will close with this little gem.  As you may already know, my family is pretty much basketball obsessed.  March Madness is like some crazy holiday in our house!  I always love when I have a student who loves basketball as much as I do.  As I was grading vocabulary sentences this week, I came across this…..
Aaron Craft sentence
It is sentence #3.  “Aaron Craft wasn’t boasting after he made the winning shot of the game.”  Love it!  Melt my heart, this kiddo shares my love for college basketball and Aaron Craft! 
I may or may not have Ohio State winning it all in my bracket…I’m just sayin’. 
Go Buckeyes!
(If the link to the freebie isn't working by clicking on the pic, use the link to the original post and try it from there!)

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