Meet the Teacher

My name is Jennifer and I am a blessed teacher!  I live a blessed life!  I am married to an amazing man who is also a teacher and a basketball coach!  We have two incredible daughters who love to dance, they went to school with me k-8, and now they are at school with daddy!  I can't wait to see what these next few years have in store for them!

I teach third grade in Peoria, Arizona.  I teach in the same district that I went to school in and the same district my husband and daughters are in.  We are a Peoria family through and through! My school is in my neighborhood and I love getting to know the families and building relationships with them that last long beyond me having their kiddos in class.  I work with an amazing team and we are committed to helping each other be the best teachers we can be and to spreading positivity over our campus!

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